24/7 Central Station Monitoring 

Alarm monitoring that’s second to none in quality and reliability

When your home alarm goes off, what really matters is what happens next. That’s where our Central Monitoring Station comes in, and whether it’s home alarm monitoring or business alarm monitoring, our call center is industry leading.

No Contract Alarm Monitoring starting at $16 a month.    

UL Listed

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is an independent testing organization that sets quality standards for all electronic and consumer products. Our Central Station undergoes a rigorous inspection process to be certified as UL Listed and is audited annually for quality, efficiency, and functioning monitoring equipment.

  • Two-way voice monitoring—for when “being there” really counts
  • Real-time and scheduled surveillance—keeps close tabs on the big picture

Supervision Monitoring

We offer the full range of supervision services including:

  • Autolog passive supervision provides weekly or monthly access reporting.
    • Full supervision alerts if the premises fails to close or open on time, or is opened when it should be closed
    • Openings/closings monitoring to verify expected entries and exits and identify illicit access
  • Fire supervision/test signal supervision around the clock in compliance with UL standard
  • Parental monitoring of home access, similar to full supervision
  • Vacation and business trip away monitoring

Video Surveillance

We provide real-time and scheduled video monitoring and verification for single or multiple security cameras over an IP communication network or phone line.

  • Video verification
  • Video guard tours
  • Streaming video (moving pictures) surveillance
  • Single or multiple security cameras and locations

Environmental & Life Safety

Protect your home from major property damage.    We can install temperature and flood detection devices to monitor your home when you are home and away, 24/7.    We can also install a remote panic switch (Wireless / Wired) to alert our central station of a burglary or medical situation.   

Monitored Fire & Carbon Monoxide Detection

Smoke alarms and / or carbon monoxide detectors can be added to protect your home or business.    Most insurance companies will discount your policy if premises is protected with a monitored fire system.   

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